Don’t Miss This 12 in 1 USB C Hub For Your MacBook At $50 (Save $10)

Amazon is now offering the Falwedi UC0214 Triple Display 12 in 1 USB C Hub for $49.99. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly $9.60 on the original price.

The system itself does not support a split-screen effect when compatible with Mac OS. You can then get one display content via HDMI1+HDMI2+VGA and another from your laptop. This system’s content is entirely different.

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Both SST and MST are supported by the 12-in-1 hub. You can enjoy up to four simultaneous displays from two HDMI outputs, one VGA output, and one laptop screen in extended mode. Under collage mode, you can also accomplish dual-screen splicing screen display, which is useful in a variety of learning and office scenarios. Can extend 2/3 monitors with the same screen contents but different from the laptop display content when compatible with Mac OS.

Mirror or expand mode with 3D visual and high-quality video experience is supported via 2 HDMI connections + 1 VGA. When two monitors are used simultaneously, the HDMI resolution is 4K/30Hz, and when a dual or triple display with VGA is used, the resolution is 1080P/60Hz. Only the HDMI 2 port can support 4K 60Hz from a DP1.4 source.

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Built-in 2 USB3.0 + 1 USB2.0 Ports that support 5Gb/s data transfer rates and a wide range of applications at the same time. Its light and small chassis also include SD and TF slots for convenient access to files from universal SD and Micro SD Memory Cards, and it can read two cards at the same time.

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