This Will Be The Last Accessory That You Will Get For Your MacBook & iPad Pro

Falwedi Triple Display 12 in 1 USB C Hub

Amazon is offering Falwedi Triple Display 12 in 1 USB C Hub for $40 with coupon code F7Q3MCJR at the checkout. Usually selling for $60 then dropping to $50, the deal today saves further by $10.

FALWEDI 12 in 1 Reach the extended mode by the following steps you need: Set-Display-Arrangement-Cancel Mirror Display. Drag the setting box to the outside display page, too. Then one HDMI1+HDMI2+VGA display is available, one of the laptop displays is shown. Completely two different Mac OS content.

The 12-in-1 hub supports both SST and MST for the Win system. There are up to 4 displays available from 2 HDMI outputs, 1 VGA output, and 1 laptop screen in extended mode. Dual-screen splicing screen display, effective for different learning and office scenarios, can also be obtained in collage mode. 2/3 monitors with the same contents but differing laptop content can be extended for the Mac system.

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Support mirror or extend mode through 2 HDMI ports + 1 VGA with crystal-clear 3D visual and high-quality video experience. When two monitors play simultaneously and 1080P/60Hz, the HDMI resolution is 4K/30Hz when the VGA is double or triple.

Constructed in 2 USB3.0 + 1 USB2.0 ports to simultaneously transmit data at high speeds of 5 GB/s and broad application range. It can also insert slots SD and TP in its lightweight and compact body, which support 2 cards reading simultaneously for easy access to Universal SD and Micro SD memory card files.

The Ethernet port cannot speed up to 1000Mbps and is no longer required to support laptops without Ethernet sockets when the wireless network is not in place. Generic 3.5mm 2-in-1 Audio/Mic can also satisfy your convenient daily requirement of simultaneous audio/video playback and voice output.

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