Factory Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+ Smartphones Are $300 Off Today At Amazon

Deal expired!

The biggest trick ever pulled by the devil was convincing U.S. wireless subscribers that carrier contracts were a thing of the past. Yes, it’s true that “service contracts” are no longer being used… but when you buy a cell phone from your wireless carrier and make payments every month, you still sign a contract.

Would you like to switch carriers? You no longer have to pay an ETF, but guess what: because you’re under contract, you still have to pay off the balance on your phone! You need to buy unlocked smartphones— and Amazon is running a great sale right now that shaves $300 off the Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+, as well as $250 off the Galaxy S10e, if you really want to ditch carrier contracts for good.

However, we don’t advise you to purchase the discounted S10e for $599.99 because the Galaxy S10’s deeper discount makes it the same price! This is a fantastic deal, and if you don’t want to cough up all that cash at once, you can even use Amazon’s service to split it into 5 monthly payments.

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