Everyone With Smartphone Should Get This Well Rated True Wireless Earbuds That Costs Just $18

Otium’s newest True Wireless Earbuds beat the battery life competition. You will find these Bluetooth earbuds from Otium at the top of your list if you want a pair of headphones that can keep up with an absurd amount of listening. Plus, thanks to Amazon’s current sale, you can now grab a pair as low as $17.99. Simply clip the coupon on its product page and use 40D6CSKG promo code during checkout.

The small $17.99 price also includes an optional 10% discount on prime which is available only when you are a prime member. Using the two codes above, which is a great offer and 50% off their usual cost, everyone else can grab these headphones for $19.99.

These true wireless earbuds have been designed for travel Otium bundles with a rechargeable 3500mAh battery case. You can use this to safeguard the earbuds while on the go and to power the earbuds whenever the battery is low. The capacity to 3500mAh is adequate to listen for 135hours and it can even be used to power other USB devices like your smartphone. There is an integrated LED display that displays the rest of the earbuds or case power at any time.

Otium earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 for a more stable wireless connection and are waterproof thanks to IPX7 protection. You can bring them to the swimming pool, head to the gym, or run away without any worry about water or sweat damage.

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