Every AirPods Model Are Currently Discounted At Amazon – Must Have iPhone Accessory

Is it a miracle of Valentine’s Day? We’re not certain, but we are sure of one thing: the deal’s insane and probably won’t last long. Apple has recently dropped wildly popular wireless noise-canceling earbuds from the AirPods Pro at its lowest price ever, and almost immediately sold out. Okay, they are still available on Amazon, but the price drop returned somehow!

Actually AirPods Pro is not available on Amazon, but now you can still order them to lock in this very special discount. That’s the best price you’ll find. It’s difficult to say how long you have to wait before they ship. Nonetheless, what we can guarantee is that they will probably ship sooner than you think. We bought AirPods Pro back when the estimated Amazon delivery was 1-2 months old and they came in a week or so. In our system, we can see new shipments every day, so it’s probably a week or two before you get yours.

Now available are other AirPod versions, including AirPods with a wireless charging case at an even greater reduction as we saw earlier this week. You can also only snack those with free Prime shipping if you don’t want to wait for the Pro model.

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