Eufy C1 Bluetooth Smart Scale Back On Sale Again For $20

It’s not the most fun activity to keep a close look at your weight manually so you ought to allow something else to deal with it. The C1 Bluetooth smart scale of Eufy can be picked up today at Amazon for only $19.99. Just clip on-page voucher and use the EUFYSCALE promo code during check-out to snack this low price. The deal now saves you 10 dollars off your regular costs and allows you to add one to your home at its lowest price in history.

This Bluetooth scale connects to applications including Google Fit, Apple Health, and Fitbit so that you can gain insights into more than your weight. It also measures body fat, bone mass, BMI, muscle mass, etc. Both sensors guarantee accurate measurements, and up to 16 unique users can even follow the progress. That is sufficient space to get acquainted with you and the whole family.

The large C1 Smart Scale screen is readable and no sharp corners stub your toe on while stumbling in the middle of the night around the bathroom. The top plate has a slip-resistant cover to stabilize your body too. Eufy contains three AAA batteries with its purchase, but you may want to include extras in your order to make sure you’re ready to replace them anytime it’s time.

Nearly 600 customers left Amazon’s smart scale review and seemed very pleased with that overall, and they collectively rated 4.4 out of 5 stars.

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