$17 Gets You This Popular Magnetic Case For Your iPhone 13 Pro Max

For today, you can get the ESTPEAK iPhone 13 Pro Max Magnetic Case for just $16.99 from Amazon. Previously sold for $19.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly $3 on the original price.

The Privacy Magnetic iPhone 13 Pro Max cover contains a Privacy Screen Protector, making it anti-spy. When you stare directly at your phone, you can see the screen perfectly; but, individuals standing around are unable to see it. It actually safeguards your personal information. When you’re chatting or handling private matters, you never have to worry about anyone else seeing what you’re doing.

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The original beauty of Apple’s design is preserved by the transparent rear tempered glass. Your phone is protected on all sides and from all angles. Compared to other common iPhone 13 Pro Max cases, the magnetism of the Anti-peep magnetic adsorption iPhone 13 Pro Max case, which is produced using multipoint and strong magnetic field adsorption technology, has risen by 80%, making the case and your phone fit seamlessly.

With wireless charging, the Anti-peep Privacy Magnetic iPhone 13 Pro Max case is case-friendly. The protection provided by premium materials is unparalleled. The Anti-peeping Privacy Magnetic iPhone 13 Pro Max case can provide a high-quality front steel and solid clear back cover, saving you money on purchasing tempered film separately, and providing you with a wonderful one-stop solution.

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Cutouts for speakers, charging ports, audio ports, and buttons are carefully sized in the anti-peeping iPhone 13 Pro Max cover. Antipeep magnetic iPhone 13 Pro Max case is slim and lightweight, making it easy to hold in your hand or carry in your pocket. When the private iPhone 13 Pro Max case parts contact, it’s very smooth. The slim cover fits perfectly into your device and allows easy access to all ports, speakers, chargers, and functions.

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