$7 Gets You ESR Wireless Charger with Adapter For Your iPhone

The ESR Wireless Charger with Adapter is on sale right now at Amazon for just $6.99. Normally selling for $13.99, today’s offer allows you to save 50 percent on the original price when you clip the on-page coupon.

Includes a power adapter designed just for our wireless chargers, the ESR 18W QC 3.0. Goodbye, long charging times and incompatible adapters. It is as simple as setting your device in the middle of the pad. works with Samsung, iPhone, and any other Qi wireless charging compatible device.

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It is typical for the receiving coil or plate to warm up when receiving wireless power. For maximum charging effectiveness, please place your phone in the center of the charging pad. Otherwise, extra electrical energy may be turned into heat. When charging, a thermal vent releases heat to protect your device. A top-notch zinc-copper coil safeguards your smartphone while offering quick, reliable charging.

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Additional safety is provided by built-in overheating and short-circuit prevention. When metal things other than your smartphone are recognized, the charger is immediately turned off by the foreign object recognition system. The LED indication automatically shuts off after 1 minute, so it won’t disturb your sleep with obtrusive sounds or lights. No need to remove phone cases before charging; compatible with the majority of cases.

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