ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Charger is Specifically Designed For iPhone 12 Models, $15 Now

ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Charger

The HaloLock magnetic wireless charger from ESR that supports the iPhone 12 range of Apple smartphones can be picked up for just $15 right now with an on-page coupon and discount code 20OFFWIRE.

To take advantage of the MagSafe magnetic charging mechanism that is unique to those devices, this wireless charging pad has been perfectly designed for the Apple iPhone 12 range. The ESR HaloLock charger magically locks onto the built-in magnets of the iPhone 12 for fast and easy charging, in addition to offering Qi-compatible charging. No more fussing about placement or slipping the device around.

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The charger also supports high-speed 7.5W charging when paired with an 18W+ QC cable and a fast-charging adapter. This latter is not included but would be relatively cost-effective to increase the charge speed. HaloLock ESR is also compatible with official MagSafe cases and HaloLock ESR cases. Anything else that has not been developed with the magnetic nature of the iPhone 12 in mind will not work properly.

You and your device are kept safe by a heat-dissipating metal framework and built-in safety measures. As it comes with a compact design and a status light that switches off automatically after 30 seconds, it is also perfect and ideal for nightstands. No longer wake up to your room with an LED lighting on your charger’s side in the middle of the night. This is a great example and a very affordable product design for the owners of the iPhone 12.

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