Power Up Your iPhone Wirelessly With ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger, $19 Only

The ESR HaloLock Magnetic Wireless Car Charger is now available for $19.49. Today’s offer allows you to save $6.50 on the original price when you use the 7N9GQK79 coupon code at the checkout.

A combination of powerful HaloLock magnets and a non-slip silicone ring keeps your phone safe even on the roughest roads. With a full ring of magnets, quickly flip between portrait and landscape navigation.

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The addition of an 18W QC converter enables fast charging at speeds that are virtually similar to those of true MagSafe chargers thanks to sophisticated heat management. To keep your phone safe on even the most dangerous journeys, choose an original MagSafe case or an ESR HaloLock case.

Power Up Your iPhone With ESR HaloLock Shift Wireless Charger At $32 (Save $8)

It attaches to your dashboard or windshield with a reusable suction cup and is fully adjustable to find the most comfortable angle. Thanks to an extensible stand and several adjustment points that lock firmly in place, you can find your most comfortable angle.

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