Get ESR HaloLock Dashboard Magnetic Wireless Charger For Your iPhone At $32 ($11 OFF)

For $32.29, you can get the ESR HaloLock Dashboard Magnetic Wireless Charger from Amazon. Previously sold for $42.99, today’s offer allows you to save directly 25 percent on the original price.

You can charge at rates that are almost equal to those of authorized MagSafe chargers thanks to clever heat control. Even on the toughest roads, strong HaloLock magnets and a non-slip silicone ring lock your phone firmly in place.

This Lightning to 3.5mm Adapter is Must Have For Your iPhone 14 At $11

Even when driving over rough roads, your phone stays firmly in place thanks to strong magnets with a 1,400 g holding force and a non-slip silicone ring. For a stronger magnetic hold, pair it with an ESR HaloLock case. Switch between portrait and landscape modes by yourself for simple navigation. Your phone is held firmly in place by a full ring of magnets in either portrait or landscape orientation.

iPhone 14: Take This Highly Rated UGREEN Cell Phone Stand For $8 (Save 30 Percent)

utilizes a reusable suction cup to connect to your dashboard or windshield firmly, and it has a freely movable ball joint so you may select the most comfortable angle. With an extensible stand and several adjustment points that lock firmly in place, you can find your ideal angle.

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