ESR Foldable Smartphone Wireless Charger Drops To $15 From Its $20 Original Price Tag!

Is it difficult to decide whether you want to have a wireless charging stand or a wireless charging pad? There’s no need to compromise ESR’s 2-in-1 Wireless Charger because today it’s on sale at Amazon for just $14.99 when you cut your coupon on your homepage. This saves you $6 off the average cost and represents the best price we have ever seen on this flexible charger.

ESR’s 2-in-1 wireless foldable charger provides a fast 10W charger for compatible devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone 11 models are powered up at a speed of 7.5W. For most other Qi-compatible devices, a standard 5W charging mode is available.

You will need a Quick Charge 3.0 or Power Delivery-compliance USB charger to provide this wireless charger with sufficient power to charge them fast if you are the owners of the recent Samsung Galaxy or iPhone device. For Power Delivery, this 57W USB-C Wall Charger supports a fast charge. It is sold today for only $11.44 if you really need it.

The ESR wireless loader is a little more flexible than most because it is used as a wireless stand or a wireless pad. If you want to check your alerts or use your handset as it is powered up, use the stand or simply toss your mobile on the charging pad without having to worry about it. The stand can be used for horizontal and vertical charging as well as for non-slip protection, which protects your computer even when it vibrates.

This stand can also be used with much easier travel than most, even as long as it is not thicker than 5 mm while the cover of your phone is on.

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