Just $7.99 Gets You ESR 20W USB-C Fast Charger For Your iPhone!

Amazon is now offering the ESR 20W USB-C Fast Charger for $7.99. Without using a special code at the checkout, you can save 50% with today’s deal.

The ESR 20W USB-C Quickly Charger charges twice as fast as a standard charger while being 20% smaller than the iPhone PD charger. Bring your rapid charger with you everywhere you go. For charging your iPhone, iPad Pro, or any other device requiring less than 20 watts of electricity, this charger is the ideal option.

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According to FCC, CE, and RoHS rules, it is deemed safe. Because the prongs are so snug, your charger won’t fall out. You won’t be awakened by the extra-quiet charging light. Your smartphone, whether it’s an iPhone, an Android, or something else, should be charged quickly. Faster to charge than a regular USB to the Lightning converter, this device is flame-resistant, incredibly corrosion-resistant, and capable of withstanding 5,000 plug-ins.

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Given that it is only 1.5″ square, the charger is portable. You can swiftly charge your device with 20 watts of power. Automatically identifying your device, the maximum charge is applied. It is simple to store and transport while traveling for work. There are no dents or scratches on the bags. It safeguards your device and you as it charges.

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