Equip Your Mac With ELAC Cinema 5 Home Theater 5.1 Channel Speaker System For $140, Usually $400

Deals such as this discount on the 5.1 Channel Speaker System of ELAC Cinema 5 Home Theater show that Cyber Monday is not over yet. Today’s sale on this 5.1-channel speaker system saves you more than $260 off its regular price of $400. It’s enough to say that this is the best deal we’ve ever seen on this speaker system and one we might not see for a while once it’s finished. Don’t miss your chance to score at its best price in history this powerful 6-piece set.

Product Highlights:

Each satellite speaker features tweeters that reproduce high frequencies with sparkle and precision and mid-range drivers accurately replicate voices and instruments

Their compact design, textured cabinet finish and elegant curved grills let the Cinema 5 satellite speakers disappear in the room.

Immerse yourself in bass so powerful you won’t believe it comes from an 8-inch.

Connect the subwoofer to your receiver, put it anywhere in the room and Plug it in.

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