Eero mesh WiFi system – WiFi extender Now At $249

Eero’s full-home Wi-Fi system replaces your router and also works as an Internet booster and Wi-Fi extender. It is equipped with 1 router and 1 beacon, 1 router and 2 beacons, and 3 routers in a few different configurations. Prices start at $239 for the $60 savings packs and go up to $399 for the $100 off the top-end package and the lowest it’s ever been.

From The Product:

Whole-home coverage – An eero 3-pack is a whole-home WiFi system that replaces your router and covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.

Works with your internet service provider – eero connects to your modem to bring your existing internet connection to every corner of your home.

Set up in minutes – The eero app walks you through setup in less than 10 minutes and allows you to manage your network from anywhere.

Entertainment-grade WiFi – Get the most from your WiFi by streaming, gaming, and working from anywhere in your home.

Gets better over time – Automatic updates keep your network safe and secure.

TrueMesh technology – eero intelligently routes traffic to avoid congestion, buffering, and dropoffs.

Maximum flexibility – Expand your system anytime with eero’s cross-compatible hardware.

US-based support – eero’s expert WiFi troubleshooters are here to help, free of charge.

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