Echo Show 5 Smart Display is 50 Percent Off Right Now ($45 Only)

Introducing Echo Show 5

Amazon Prime members can collect a stunning deal on the company’s own Echo Show 5 smart display before Prime Day 2020. Members of Active Prime are able to register now to pick up the 5-inch, intelligent Alexa monitor for just $45. That’s a huge saving of 50 percent.

The Echo Show 5 is part of the hardware range of Amazon, so you can look and do more with Alexa. In Alexa the Echo Show 5 allows amazing visuals to be displayed on a 5.5″ display, which serves as the window to the remaining device. It features a compact and minimal design that fits into any room’s esthetics and gives you stunning views mixed with crisp and full sound.

Echo Show 5-min (1)

From a feature point of view, the Echo Display 5 gives you everything a regular Echo system has to offer. With one command it allows you to stream music. It allows you to connect to your home automation hardware and control things such as smart sockets, heating systems, etc. It allows you to easily order food, get the latest weather in your area, drop-in to other lounge areas, announce other devices from Alexa, and even send you the latest news briefings.

It also comes equipped with an embedded camera and smart display to view videos, movie trailers, make video calls, and perform music lyrics for compatible music services. The Echo Display 5 also has several privacy layers, so that your voice is only transmitted into the cloud of Amazon after using the wake word (Alexa, Echo or Computer, whichever is your choice) and the camera can be covered with a single button so your privacy does not invade the camera.

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