Black Friday: Amazon’s Echo Dot Smart Speaker is 50 Percent OFF!

Echo Dot

The Echo Dot, which usually costs roughly $39.99, is already a bargain. However, Amazon is moving things up a notch by slashing the price of the smart speaker to just $19.99 for the upcoming Black Friday event. This deal does not require any discount codes or coupons.

For those who don’t know, the Amazon Echo Dot is a little smart speaker that runs on Alexa. It’s a terrific place to start building a smart home ecosystem. Even if you don’t want one, you’ll end up with a smart speaker that can answer any query you have, set timers, alarms, play music, and much more.

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You may also ask Alexa to play music instantaneously if you have an active subscription to Spotify, Apple Music, Sirius XM, or another service. If your friends or family members have an Echo device, you can even call them. With suitable linked devices, you can turn on lights, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and more. Create morning and evening routines.

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Friends and family with the Alexa app or an Echo device can call you. With a connected Echo device, you can instantly check in on other rooms in your house or make an announcement to all of them. Alexa is continually getting smarter and introducing new talents like tracking fitness, playing games, and more, with tens of thousands of skills and counting.

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