Who Doesn’t Want Two Echo Dot (4th Gen) For Less Than The Price Of One HomePod Mini

Since it was first released, Amazon’s Echo Dot has practically been a best-seller, and it is pretty easy to see why. Thanks to the compact design of the Dot, you get access to Amazon’s beloved Alexa voice assistant for just $50. Of course, that design hasn’t really changed a lot over the years so buyers haven’t had plenty of reason to upgrade their older dots — that’s until now.

Finally this past week the new 4th-gen Echo Dot was released and is a monster upgrade. From the look and shape to the speakers and the new microphones, everything has been redesigned to give it a much better voice recognition. And Amazon still charges the same $50 price despite all the great upgrades!

Forget HomePod Mini By Apple, Instead Check Amazon Echo Dot For A Way Low Price

$50 is actually a fine price for such a capable device, but you’re not going to pay that much right now, because there’s already a big sale you can take advantage of. Use the coupon code DOT2PACK at checkout, collect two 4th-gen Echo Dots, and shave $20 off the price. It’s only $39.99 each for brand new Dots of the fourth generation! On the 4th gene Echo Dot with a clock, which will be released next week, the same deal is available. Use the same coupon, paying $49.99 each instead of $60.

Think again, if you thought the only time you would have deals on Amazon devices is Prime Day 2020. These are Amazon’s brand new options, and they are already receiving discounts. This bodes well for your shopping trends on holidays. If you are checking out to save, remember to plug in that coupon.

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