Duex Pro Adds A Second Screen To Your MacBook Or iPad Pro For $279, Normally $400

Adding another screen to your workflow can help you increase your efficiency by one mile. Most dual-screen configurations are not flexible in any way, but the Duex Pro Full HD IPS Portable Dual-Screen Monitor are designed to provide you with a dual-monitor display wherever you go by attaching to your computer. Only today can you pick one from Amazon for just $280. This sale is part of Amazon’s 12 Days of Deals campaign which leads to Christmas with exclusive deals every day.

This Full HD IPS portable 12.5-inch monitor is both USB-A and USB-C compatible. It comes with magnetic adhesives that can be attached to the back of your laptop and glued to your Duex Pro whenever you want. It provides 270-degree rotation and a 180-degree mode, which can be extremely helpful if you want to show others what you are doing. You can even slide the Duex Pro off your laptop on either side.

The Duex Pro has a 1080p resolution and a max. 300 nit adjustable brightness. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Chromebooks. It is too lightweight, just over 1.5 pounds, and you won’t have to be concerned when traveling because it is made of high-quality materials to withstand the bumps and bumps that occur during your journey.

This monitor is shipped free at Amazon, although with an Amazon Prime membership, you might receive your order faster. You can start a free 30-day trial to score two-day shipping, including benefits such as Prime Video Streaming Service access, exclusive members only, and more if you’ve never been a member previously.

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