Don’t Let These Smartphone Sanitizers That Kills Corona Virus Sell Out – Limited Unit Remaining

UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer from HoMedics

Everybody knows that smartphones breed all kinds of bacteria and also viruses. You can’t really be too safe in the age of coronavirus. While there is no place in supermarkets across the country for Clorox wipes and Lysol wipes, Amazon finally has three different UV-C phone sanitizers in stock that you can get there soon if you hurry.

In addition to face masks and hand sanitizers, this could be the most important purchase to protect yourself against the new coronavirus.

The first model available right now is the Sanitizer Case from Yasolote UV Smartphones that cost $48.99. It features a large, nice interior to accommodate even the largest smartphones there, which is one of Amazon’s cheapest options.

Then we have the best selling UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer HoMedics, which has become so popular with our readers. It’s a bit expensive at $79.99, but it has a great collapsible design that makes storing anywhere easy. It still has magnetic security despite the zipper closure – the zipper pull hides a magnet that can only be connected with safety after it is zipped.

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