Get This Apple Pencil Alternative That’s On Sale For Less Than $12

Amazon is offering DOGAIN Active Stylus Pen for $11.89 with a direct discount. Today’s offer saves you 37 percent for a limited time.

The built-in battery lasts for 8 hours of active use and charges in 60 minutes via Micro USB. Smart Saver, which automatically shuts down after 30 minutes for safety. The charging voltage is 5V.

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Fine, light, and stylish design with a 178mm length, 16.8g weight, and 1.5mm tip for writing and drawing smoothly. When worn for an extended period of time, it becomes more sensitive and performs optimally. The best stylus for artists, journalists, teachers, and students, among others.

The rechargeable active stylus pens are specifically designed for most touch screen devices such as the iPad/iPad 2/new iPad 3/iPad4/iPad Pro/iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3 /iPad Mini 4 and other popular tablets and smartphones.

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These digital stylus pens are pressure and tilt-sensitive, allowing you to easily vary line weight and create subtle shading, making your iPad Pro even more powerful and allowing you to be more creative.

This iPad Pencil can be used to write directly on the iPad or iPhone by pressing the button once (Blue light on) and drawing or writing on your touch screen device. There is no need for a USB or Bluetooth connection. Please keep in mind that this pen does not have a Bluetooth function.

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