Discounted SUAOKI Portable Generator Can Power Almost Anything From iPhone To MacBook & Even Mini-Refrigerator

Suaoki, through Amazon, sells its portable power station 222Wh for $129.99 when the coupon is clipped out and the code 9ZJX8ANT is applied at checkout. Selling usually for $200, today’s deal saves you 35%, which is $9 below our earlier mention and represents a new all-time low. There are two DC outlets, two USB ports and an AC socket in this electric generator. Whether you’re a passionate camper, a tailgater or simply like the outdoors, this powerhouse has enough juice to keep all your devices running. There is even an integrated handle on top for easy transport between your adventures. There are still reviews coming in here, but overall, Suaoki is highly valued.

Product Highlights:

VERSATILE & PORTABLE POWER SOURCE: comes with 2*100V/110V AC outlets (200W Pure Sine Power Inverter), 2*DC outlets (an extra cigarette socket cable), 2*USB ports, 5 LED lights indicator. It can charge USB/5V, DC/12V and AC appliance anywhere

HIGH CAPACITY: 11.1V, 20,000mAh/ /3.7V 60,000mAh high capacity, powerful enough to charge smartphones 20+ times, tablet, power bank, laptops, TVs, mini-refrigerator, camping CPAP, drone, holiday lights or other household electronics

PURE SINE WAVE: better than a modified sine wave, cleaner current in your hands; it prevents crashes in computers, reduces noises in fans, TV and other devices and it is compatible with more gears

SAFETY GUARANTEED: we use the Battery Management System (BMS) to improve battery utilization, prevent over-current, over-voltage and over-temperature, prolong battery life; a convenient handle and aluminum alloy shell make it safer and take it along for the ride during your day-to-day needs

RECHARGING OPTIONS: quickly refuel from home wall outlet or sun with any compatible solar panel (Especially the Suaoki’s 40W, 60W, 50W, 100W Portable Solar Panel); a high-density lithium-ion battery allows a more compact build than the lead-acid power ones

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