Discounted Aukey Wireless Charger Has A Large Charging Area For iPhone & AirPods, $16 Only

With some new tech, Aukey has a new wireless charging pad! The LC-Q7 wireless charging pad with Amazon’s BRRHDHMS code is temporarily down to $15.99. The charging pad is going for $20 without the code, and we imagine it’s going to be stuck for a while at that price without such codes. Remember this as an early adopter discount as it is likely to disappear shortly.

So one thing that this charging pad does is that it uses three different inside charging coils. That means you can basically put your phone on the pad to get a full charge anywhere. It’s not like other devices where you need to center your phone, get the right dimensions, break the ruler and judge the edge distance. Sometimes you just want to plop down your phone and go to bed and wake up to a fully charged device with this pad.

The pad works with almost any device compatible with Qi. This offers up to 10W for Android phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S10, 7.5W for iPhone 11 and 5W for regular wireless charging devices. If you want that extra speed with your Android phone, a wall adapter that supports Fast Charging or Quick Charge such as this one from Anker will need to be used.

The design of the pad uses a soft silicone surface which, while charging, also keeps your phone in place. Your phone won’t slip off, either because of the padded feet on the bottom, the pad will not slip off. You will also get built-in security features that help regulate the temperature, detect foreign objects, and avoid overheating. Aukey, like all Aukey products, also supports this with a two-year warranty.

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