This 128GB USB C Flash Drive For MacBook Pro Works Without Dongle & It’s On Sale For $15

Amazon is offering DIDIVO USB C Flash Drive 128GB for $15 when you use the discount code 30UPVNAS at the checkout. This is $7 off the regular price.

You can easily transfer data and files from smartphones, tablets, and computers instead of the use of WiFi and Cloud services, saving file transfer time and greatly enhancing work efficiency. The USB C Flash Drive 128GB with USB 3.1 and type-C, Photo Stick for computer, and Photo Stick for android phones.

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The 128 GB USB Flash Drive provides up to 80 MB/s of reading speed and 15-60 MB/s of write speed and allows less time to transfer large files from the USB Flash Drive. Save More Time and Effort to Transfer and Upload Files.

This Thumb Drive 128GB is Plug and Play, you don’t need to install any software. You can backup from your phone to your PC easily. You can freely watch movies and listen to music by simply plugging the USB Flash Drive into your phone. Support Windows/Mac OS, compatible with USB 3.0. Supports all kinds of PCs and C-Type devices that feature the OTG function.

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The USB Flash Drive 64 GB also used 360° Rotation Protection Cap Design that prevents cap loss and 90° Stuck Point Design prevents the drive from rotating randomly. The USB Flash Drive 64 GB also used Superior Quality Metal Case Design.

DIDIVO USB C Flash Drive Has True Storage Guarantee, Provide USB C 64GB / USB Memory Sticks 128GB/USB Thumb Drive 256GB/512GB Flash Drive 1TB For Your Choose. You Can Transfer Photos, Music And Videos Anywhere Anywhere.

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