Cut The Cords From iPhone With Anker’s Discounted Wireless Charger!

If you have a Qi-compatible smartphone, but you don’t still use wireless charging, you are missing it. Chargers like the PowerWave 10W wireless charge pad of Anker are pretty affordable these days, so you don’t even make any difference by preferring conventional chargers. Today if you use promotional code AKA25313 during check-out, you are only able to start charging for $8.49 and save $6 off the normal cost of this well-reviewed charging accessory.

The pad offers 10W high-speed charging for smartphones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy series, while iPhone charges at 7.5W. The 5W charge is provided for any other Qi-enabled device like Apple AirPods. The LED indicator tells you at a quick look whether or not the phone is too large or something else lies between the mobile device and the charger.

Fortunately, with most cases up to 5 mm in thickness, this wireless charging pad works, but any metal or card in the back of the phone prevents charge. Existing users are very strong at 4.4 out of 5 on average based on over 3,300 reviews The 18-month warranty is also provided by Anker.

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