Criacr Bluetooth FM Transmitter for Car Drops To $8 Only

What’s playing on the radio ever get tired of? You can stream music from your phone to your car stereo with Criacr’s Bluetooth FM Transmitter and start listening to your favorite songs over and over instead of the same top hits. It’s easy to use and also affordable.

Using LZW8ACFN code during Amazon checkout even saves you $9 off its regular cost and drops its price to just $7.99. It’s a very low price to pay for something that can bring so much life to your road trips.

This device plugs into the lighter socket for powering up your cigarette car and is equipped with two USB charging ports so that you can even charge your smartphone. Just find an unused radio station on your car radio and adjust the transmitter to the same frequency to start jamming.

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Then, through the speakers in your car, you will be able to start hearing anything that is playing on your phone. The transmitter features an integrated hands-free call microphone and the ability to play music off a USB drive or microSD card.

It’s quite handy to have one of these in your car, but it’s even more useful to have a phone mount. At Amazon, you can find standard sales options for just $5 or go on sale for $40 with a wireless charging phone mount.

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