Discounted COWIN E8 Headphone For Apple Device Takes Noise Canceling To Another Level


The COWIN E8 Active Noise Cancelling Headphone Bluetooth Headphone is being offered by Amazon for $112 with a direct discount. Usually selling for $150, the offer today saves 25 percent off the regular cost.

In order to help you focus on what you want to hear, COWIN’s improved ANC technology significantly reduces noise. ANC works with and without an audio cable and is excellent for reducing noise on long journeys on a flight or in city traffic locations.

The E8’s superior sound quality is 25% stronger than that of our previous E7 model. The 100dB provides a deep, powerful, and crisp sound – so much better for all of your listening experience.

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With a 90° rotation axis, the over-ear cushions on the E8 are designed to help the headphones fit snugly into your head. The magnetic absorption of the new lightweight coil material helps to improve comfort and acoustic quality over long periods.

The E8 offers you a microphone of high quality – calling these headphones much better. This is nicely complemented by the Bluetooth function with the ability to detach yourself from wires, giving you the ability to make hands-free calls. To turn the volume up/down or to skip or rewind a song, use the buttons on the headphones.

COWIN E8 headphones are equipped with 545 mAh rechargeable batteries with a 20-hour life on ANC or Bluetooth, providing you with almost an entire day!

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