CORSAIR’s 1TB EX100U Portable SSD, with blazing speeds of 1,600MB/s, outperforms competitors and is now available starting at just $60

The Corsair EX100U 1TB Portable USB Type-C Storage Drive gives all of your devices fast storage.

In the age of digital information, it’s important to have a safe and fast way to store things. The EX100U 1TB Portable USB Type-C Storage Drive from Corsair can meet your storage needs quickly and in a variety of ways. This small, sleek, black storage drive is made to give your PC, Mac, or console lightning-fast storage access, making it an essential part of your tech toolkit. And what’s best? You can get this high-quality storage drive for just $60, which is a huge savings of 44%.

Gen2 x2 technology is used in the Corsair EX100U storage drive, which boosts the speed of data flow to up to 20Gbps. This level of speed makes sure that you can quickly and easily transfer large files, back up your important data, or even run programs straight from the drive without any problems. It gives you a big boost in speed and can save you a lot of time.

One of the best things about this hard drive is how easy it is to use. You won’t have to deal with difficult driver downloads or installation steps. Just plug the drive in with the USB Type-C or USB Type-A cord that comes with it, and you’re ready to go. It’s easy to use, which means that both tech experts and regular people can use it.

Whether you use a PC, like Macs, or play games on a tablet, the Corsair EX100U can help. It works with a wide range of devices because it has a USB Type-C interface, and the USB Type-C and USB Type-A cords that come with it make it easy to connect to different ports. Because it can be used for so many things, you can use it to do anything from add more storage to your gaming system to back up your important work files on your laptop.

The Corsair EX100U is made to be easy to carry around. Its small, sleek, black body not only looks good, but is also made to survive the wear and tear of being used on the go. If you put it in your bag or pocket, you’ll always have 1TB of storage space at your hands. It’s a great thing to have with you on vacation, at work, or for fun.

The Corsair EX100U 1TB Portable USB Type-C Storage Drive stands out as a reliable and high-performance option in a world where data is king. With its fast Gen2 x2 connection, wide range of compatibility, and ease of use (plug-and-play), it’s the best choice for anyone who wants to update their storage. And at just $60, which is a 44% savings, it’s a deal that can’t be beat. Don’t pass up the chance to improve your storage and keep your info safe and easy to access on all your devices. When you upgrade to the Corsair EX100U, you’ll get fast storage in a sleek, small package.

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