Connect $29 DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope To Smartphone & See Any Spot That You Couldn’t Reach Before!

We told you last week about a great sale on one of our most famous accessories for the smartphone. It is named the Wireless Borescope Inspection Camera Depstech WF010, and you are skipping out if you have never aware of it. This great device is connected wirelessly to your Android device, iPhone or iPad and also has a tiny camera at the end of an 11.5 ft long semi-rigid tube. The camera can be shot into almost anything, which transmits the image back to your smartphone or tablet. You can also record videos or still pictures if you want and there are never-ending possibilities.

In addition, there are another cool feature people enjoy. The WF010 comes with a hook attachment and a magnet attachment and is attached to the camera end. This enables you to easily and quickly recover lost jewelry or even keys in tight areas. Those attachments are definitely appreciated by anyone who has ever dropped their car keys by a wastewater grating or a ring down the drain.

Depstech WF010 Wireless Borescope’s awesome and highly popular camera sells for $36, which is more than fair just a great instrument. The sale last week dropped to $28.79, which is a huge discount that reaches the lowest price of this model ever. The sale was meant to have ended but somebody has messed up and there is still a 20% coupon on the product page. Definitely hurry, pick it up and fix it before they find it out!

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