Choetech’s 10W Smartphone Wireless Charger Are Down To $6 Each

Your phone will probably support wireless charging. Today, it’s super common with cell phones from major flagships to entry-level devices now supported by Qi. A wireless charge is very handy, particularly when you have a wireless charger anywhere you can lay your smartphone during the day or at night. Moreover, it’s not too costly to store wireless chargers that offer two wireless charging pads of Choetech 10W for just $11.99. You only have to clip the coupon and then type IX348PSW when checking out. In other words, you are cutting $8 off the normal 2-pack cost and can each charger’s price to just $6. At that point, it’s a no-brainer buy.

Choetech charging pads have a sleek profile, anti-slip rubber feet, and top surface to hold your phone and pad stable during charging. As a fast charger, it can power Android phones up to 10W with a charge of 7.5W for modern iPhone models. Any other Qi-activated phone or accessory receives a normal 5W charge. Built-in safety measures against short circuit and overheating are in place and the chargers also work cases up to 0.3 inches in thickness. The 2-pack is great for a couple who want to have a bedside stand or to take one for home and one for their office.

The purchase is supported by an 18 months warranty and existing owners offer 4.6 out of 5 stars for these chargers on the basis of more than 600 reviews.

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