CHOETECH 100W USB C Cable For MacBook Down To Less Than $10 Today

CHOETECH 100W USB C Cable-min

It is probably fair to say after so many years that USB-C finally starts to fulfill its promises. Today it’s almost all over and even Apple is laying on it. It can also change things very fast. However, you need the right cables – such as this USB-C 100W cable deal. These Choetech cables usually sell them for about $17, making them already a good buy. However, if you enter discount code 4Y63XLAN it’s only $9.58. In order to save your money, you can even try clipping the on-page coupon.

Product Highlights:

Fast Transmission: The maximum bandwidth of the wire is 10G, the maximum read and write speed of the Thunderbolt 3 hard disk can reach 900M / s, and it is backward compatible with 3. 0 / 2. 0; it can transmit high-definition movie video or audio and 4K video signals within the 20S

Good Shielding Performance. Type-C Interface Output: Maximum output power up to 100W, E-Mark chip, fast charging; it can charge mobile phones, Ipad, laptop, and can fully charge MacBook Pro in 2 hours. Use a coaxial cable to transmit video stably with 3 layers of shielding, no splash screen, no snowflake phenomenon; stable data transmission, and no off the disk

Audio and Video Out: Dual Type-C ports available at both ends, no positive and negative access problems, plug and play, MacBook Thunderbolt 3 interface output, the highest output resolution can reach 4K60Hz, and it is backward compatible. In the extended model, the maximum output resolution of the 2019 MacBook Pro can reach 5K60HZ

Long Service life: 6. 6ft of wire, extended net tail and nylon braid, better bending resistance, the wire body adopts TPE quilt, high elasticity, and softness, toughness, and resistance to pulling, increasing service life. Co-axial toughness and flexibility are better

Wide Range of Use: It can be used for charging mobile phones and laptop, and can also be directly connected to the laptop and mobile phones to achieve audio and video output and data transmission; Save the trouble of HUB transfer, direct connection of high-definition lines, multi-line use; convenient, space-saving, Compatible with Samsung S8/S9 series and other Type-c interface phones; Apple Macbook, MacBook Pro, HP, Dell, Lenovo, and another laptop

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