This 10000mAh Power Bank Comes With Built-in Lightning Cable & It’s On Sale For $19.99

The Charmast 10000mAh Power Bank is on sale right now at Amazon for just $19.99. Without applying any special discount code at the checkout, you save directly 33% off the original price.

One input cable and three output cables are included in the little portable charger. Three output cables in total can charge practically all port gadgets. such as for iPhone, iPad, Samsung, other phones, tablets, and Micro gadgets with USB C ports. You wouldn’t have to carry around multiple cords or adapters any longer thanks to an all-in-one portable charger!

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With a portable charger’s 6 outputs and 3 inputs, you can simply recharge a battery pack with 3 options while simultaneously charging a maximum of 6 gadgets. A portable charger with three output cords and three more outputs (for a total of six outputs) is ideal for people who use several electronics and have iPhones, Android, or tiny devices. Additionally, it has 3 ports built-in, a micro input, a USB-C input, and a built-in charging cable. You can use any one of them to conveniently recharge the battery pack.

The slim 10000 power bank is as portable as a lighter cell phone and is simple to take with you wherever you go. With a digital led display feature, you can conveniently recharge a battery pack in a timely manner without having to estimate how much battery is left. A top-notch portable charger for everyone.

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Since the portable phone charger has many ports and cables integrated into it, it is extensively compatible with all common smartphones and tablets. Widely compatible with Android USB C or Micro USB phones, tablets, and other devices, including the iPhone 13 12 11 8 7 Series, XR, XS Max, Samsung S22, S21, S20, A52, A32, Z fold series, Z flip series, and Google Pixel series.

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