$40 Aluminum Height Adjustable MacBook Stand Falls To $25!

The BoYata Ergonomic Aluminum Height Adjustable Computer Stand is on sale right now at Amazon for just $25.20. Today’s offer allows you to save directly 30 percent on the original price and clip the on-page coupon to save an additional 10 percent.

The height of the BoYata laptop stand may be changed from 3.9 inches to 7.4 inches. People of all various heights can use the stand to support their work and study needs. The button on the rear of the stand allows you to adjust the height to your preference.

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Two 3mm metal base plates and a support rod make up the stand, which is fairly solid and can hold up to 11 pounds of weight on top. Large 4 rubber pads are placed on the top and bottom of each side of your laptop to provide maximum protection from sliding and scratching. The BoYata laptop stand will assist in converting your laptop into a desktop workstation with excellent posture.

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Reducing the stress that comes with spending extended periods of time at a desk. The laptop is cooled down by the bracket’s U-shaped structure, which minimizes the area in contact with the computer, increases the area available for heat dissipation, and increases airflow over a flat surface.

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