Pickup This Adjustable MacBook Stand At $27 ($20 OFF)

The BoYata Adjustable Laptop Stand is on sale right now at Amazon for just $26.59. Today’s bargain allows you to save directly 39 percent on the original price and clip the on-page coupon to save an additional 5 percent.

The laptop stand is constructed of durable aluminum and can be adjusted at different angles and heights to suit your needs. By keeping your computer up high, you free up more desk space for paperwork and other items. This tablet stand is more fashionable and sturdy thanks to the metal construction.

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The stand won’t slide thanks to 4 silicone pads on the bottom that are slide-proof. Your computer won’t slide off the stand thanks to the safety hooks. The Z-type design is useful for altering the perfect height for sitting properly while supporting your back and neck with a pleasant posture while you watch, type, or watch television. You’ll experience a reduction in neck and back stiffness.

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The entire platform is constructed of high-grade aluminum, which is conveniently able to absorb and release heat. Also, it features a hole in the surface, which allows for more airflow to cool down your laptop than if it were lying flat on the table. The laptop stand is suitable for a range of laptops, including MacBook/Macbook Pro/HP/Lenovo laptops up to 17 inches, among others.

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