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Bone Conduction Headphone

Amazon has these Bone Conduction Headphones for $30 with an on-page coupon. This is $20 off the $50 selling price.

The sound moves in solids faster than the air, as we all know. The advanced bone conduction technology is adopted by Moing earphones, which transmit sound via the skull instead of air to your auditory center. So during the transmission of sound, there is almost no noise. Maintain the sound fidelity to the greatest extent possible. Bone conduction saves many steps in the transmission of sound waves and can achieve clear reproduction of sound in a noisy environment.

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Outdoor activities also reflect an additional major advantage of bone conduction headphones. You can also hear the sound of the environment around you when using bone conduction headphones to listen to music. So you’re not going to be in a ” blindness” state during sports. Open ear design can prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

The open-ear design of Moing’s bone conduction earphones helps you to achieve a truly painless and harmless sound. The earphones don’t have to be put into the ear canal. So, even if you listen to music for the whole day, your ears won’t feel sore and painful. Prevent your ear canal from long-term headache by wearing headphones.

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A stronger and faster connection is obtained by the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip. And it’s really wireless to get rid of the cable mess. Supporting a variety of Bluetooth compatible devices, including smartwatches, tablets, iOS, or Android devices.  And Moing earphones are designed to be hung behind the ears and look simple and stylish. In one second, let you become a fashionista.

It can keep the inside of the ear canal clean and hygienic because bone conduction earphones do not need to put earplugs in the ears. At the same time, the earphones are easily and smoothly cleanable on the surface of the bone conduction system while traditional earphones tend to deposit bacteria. Bone conduction earphones are therefore very helpful for the health of the ears as well.

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