Usually $40, The Bomaker Wireless Earbuds is Currently On Sale For $16

Bomaker Wireless Earbuds

The Bomaker Wireless Earbud is currently on sale at Amazon for $16 when the discount code ZA9L3M9K is used at the checkout. Usually $40, this offer saved $24 off the original price.

Premium magnetic induction technology, expertly tuned sound via graphene drivers, extends broader soundstage and outstanding accuracy, producing rich, sparkling audio with crisp highs and deep bass. Enjoy the immersive sound of power in your home office, on the road or in the gym.

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PEEK 6-diaphragm composite, 6mm graphene driver empowers middle frequency, crisp highs of nature. Dsp noise cancellation, the dedicated two microphones, retains up to 95 percent of your voice for flawless conversation.

To further improve radio frequency performance, the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip with a fine-tuned LDS antenna system. It counteracts signal interference, making the signal more stable and stronger to be transferred. No problems with lipsync when watching a video or giving a call.

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Ultra-long playtime of 7hrs with just a single charge, total playtime of 30hrs with charging case, ideal for delivery on-the-go. Fast charge to get a one-hour use via Type-C, 10 minutes charge. Touch control sensors, which, when you touch the buttons for different functions, can largely minimize ear pressure.

For added convenience, either earbud can be used and switched to your device independently. Ergonomic design maximizes comfort, fit & stability for all-day wearing. Auto power on and enter the pairing mode right after the charging case. Three years of warranty, free return, and exchange.

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