Bomaker True Wireless Earbuds Is Too Good For Your iPhone At $16 (60 Percent OFF)

Amazon is currently offering the Bomaker True Wireless Earbuds today for $15.99(previously sold for $40). You score a 60 percent discount when you apply the DI3K5Q8M coupon code at the checkout.

Rich, sparkling audio with crisp highs and deep bass is produced by expertly tuned sound through graphene drivers and premium magnetic induction technology, resulting in a wider soundstage and exceptional accuracy. Concentrate on adding strength when listening to the immersive sound in your home office, on your commute, or at the gym.

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Ideal for use in home offices. Nature’s middle frequency and crisp highs are supported by a PEEK composite 6 diaphragm, 6mm graphene motor. The dedicated two microphones with DSP noise cancellation keep up to 95% of your voice for clear conversations.

The new Bluetooth 5.0 chip, with an LDS antenna system that has been fine-tuned to increase radio frequency efficiency even further. It reduces signal interference so that the signal is more stable and powerful. When watching a video or making a call, there are no problems with lipsync.

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7 hours of ultra-long playtime on a single charge, total playtime of 30 hours with charging case, perfect for on-the-go delivery. 10 minutes of charging equals one hour of use. When you click the buttons for different functions, touch control sensors will greatly reduce ear pressure.

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For added convenience, either earbud can be used and switched to your computer independently; ergonomic design maximizes comfort, fit, and stability for all-day wear. After removing the charging case, the device will automatically turn on and enter pairing mode. A three-year warranty is included, as well as a hassle-free return and exchange policy.

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