This Affordable Earbuds Is A Perfect Replacement For The AirPods, And It Got Even Affordable With This Discount Code!

Boltune Bluetooth Earbuds

Amazon is selling the Boltune Wireless Earbuds for the discount of $30 today. After clipping the on-page coupon code and the code ‘DOKR6PRN‘ used at the checkout page, you can get the product for just $20 (Reg. $50).

The second-generation Bolttone BH023 is getting better by extracting human vocals from background noise while eliminating other noises, making it easy to hear and correcting what you’re saying when you’re listening to it with Earbuds.

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With ANC technology, Boltune wireless earbuds detect and cancel up to 28dB of ambient noise, enabling you to immerse yourself in music without turning up the volume too loudly in the library, cafe, busy workplace, or even city traffic.

Additionally, you can activate the ANC function without playing music in order to get a good night’s sleep while flying.

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The advanced Smart Noise Reduction Technology reduces background ambient noise by 96 percent in these Bluetooth earbuds with 4 Mics (2 per earbud).

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