Best Screen Protector For iPhone 11

Pre-ordered your iPhone 11? Do not wait until the iPhone is in your hand to purchase a screen protector. The best way to avoid fingerprints and dust is to apply a screen protector when you remove the protective film it ships with. To cover your new iPhone from day one, pick up one of these screen protectors. The screen dimensions of both the iPhone XR and the iPhone 11 are exactly the same: 5.94-inch by 2.98-inch. So, just as well, a screen protector made for one fits the other.

Trianium Screen Protector for iPhone 11

_Trianium (3 Packs) Screen Protector Designed for Apple iPhone 11-min

What trade-off! Get three 0.25-millimeter clear glass screen shields, plus a frame to ensure a perfect installation. $4 on Amazon.

IRSHE Screen Protector

This 9H hardness screen protector will prevent scratches on that lovely screen. A black frame around the edge facilitates installation. Amazon’s $10.

FilmHoo Camera Lens Protector

_FilmHoo[2 Pack] -min

Protect your new iPhone 11’s fancy camera lenses on the back. The FilmHoo Lens Protector camera will not affect the flash or resolution of the camera. Amazon’s $8.

keke iPhone 11 Screen Protector

This popular three-pack of case-friendly screen protectors come with a frame for easy installation. $7 at Amazon.

TORRAS iPhone 11 Screen Protector

Not only do you get two in a package, but if your screen protector cracks or gets scratched, you get a one-year replacement warranty. Amazon’s $17.

Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector

_Spigen Tempered Glass Screen Protector -min

This two-pack of case-friendly 9H-hardness screen protectors come with an easy installation tray. Amazon’s $11.

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