Best iPhone 11 Cases Under $15

Apple recently announced its newest smartphones. By no means are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro cheap, which means you may want to put a case on your new phone. And maybe in that respect, you want to save some money.

So we’ve looked at Amazon’s available cases, all with the idea to keep the cost around $15. For you, the discerning case seeker, we have put together a long list of options with different designs and materials.

You’re not going to find many major brands in the list, of course, considering the cost, so keep that in mind.

Let’s get started:



This is an environmentally friendly LONLI leather slim case made of PU leather that makes it soft to touch. It provides edges raised to protect the back of the display and the dual rear cameras. The $14.99 LONLI leather case features Japanese microfiber inside the case, where the iPhone 11 sits, to keep the phone from getting scratched inside.

The site showed at the time of publication that only 12 remained in stock. So if you’re interested in this one, it might be worth it sooner rather than later.

The case of the LONLI iPhone 11 is now available.


$12 Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid iPhone 11 case offers a reliable design with TPE bumpers and a back-up PC. Elevated bezels protect the display and rear cameras of the phone, and the case features “pronounced buttons” to make it easier to find and use them. Also for good measure, the Spigen iPhone 11 case supports wireless charging.

Right now you can pick this one from Amazon.


MATEPROX iPhone 11 Case Clear Heavy Duty Protective Crystal Back-min

The $14 MATEPROX hard plastic case has a clear design that allows you to see the natural colors of the iPhone 11 inside. Despite the hardened design, this iPhone 11 case still has a thin profile, making it easy to put in a pocket, and should make sure it can be used every day. Wireless charging is also supported by the MATEPROX iPhone 11 case.

The bumpers are made of TPE materials that are shock-resistant and integrated with the rugged back PC. The TPE material also offers “Shockproof air cushions” at the four corners of the device, and the display and rear cameras are fitted with raised lips to help protect them.

MATEPROX also offers its iPhone 11 case a one-year warranty.


ROBO Designed for iPhone 11 Case-min

This is another case offering multi-stage design, but this is a more robust option for people who may want a little more protection. This has drop protection, complying with the 810G-516 Military Grade. The case is also resistant to scratches and also supports wireless charging.

The rugged case ROBO iPhone 11 is available for purchase right now for $13.


iPhone 11 Case-min

In a package that costs only $14.99, the $14.99 SKYLMW iPhone 11 case has a lot to offer. It has a protective case on the back and also a raised ring around the front of the handset that completely encapsulates the inside of your iPhone 11. The edges raised help not only to keep the display safe but also the rear dual cameras on the back. It’s a trim layer design with the front cover of a PC, the silicon cover, and a bumper for a PC.

The company says it uses a special technology to make the case scratch-resistant, while at the same time making it easier to hold for daily use.

SKYLMW’s iPhone 11 case is now available.

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