Best iPhone 11 Pro Max Case in 2019

Apple recently announced its newest smartphones. By no means are the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro cheap, which means you may want to put a case on your new phone. And maybe in that respect, you want to save some money.

So we’ve looked at Amazon’s available cases, all with the idea to keep the cost around $15. For you, the discerning case seeker, we have put together a long list of options with different designs and materials.

You’re not going to find many major brands in the list, of course, considering the cost, so keep that in mind.

Let’s get started:


ESR Air Armor Clear Case for iPhone 11 Pro Max Case-min

$16 ESR’s iPhone 11 Pro Max Air Armor case has all the major bullet points from a hardshell case you’d expect. It has a hard PC back, flexible TPU frame with shock-absorbing Air Guard corners, and edges raised to protect the display and cameras. The design is scratch-resistant, and it also has a yellowing-resistant design, so even with a lot of daily use, it should continue to look great.

Moreover, the case is transparent, so you can see the stock color of the iPhone 11 Pro Max while protecting it. ESR also says that along with the case, it provides a “100 percent guarantee of satisfaction.”

The iPhone 11 Pro Max Air Armor case is now available.


_Spigen Rugged Armor Designed for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Case-min

This is Spigen’s Rugged Armor case for $13, specifically designed for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It has a design of carbon fiber and absorbs shock. The raised lip protects the screen and cameras while featuring a “flexible TPU case with spider-web pattern inside.” Also present is the air cushion technology, which makes it more resilient to drops. Wireless charging is also supported by the Rugged Armor.

Right now you can order the Spigen Rugged Armor iPhone 11 Pro Max case.


This is a slim, rough case for $12 Oterkin’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. To protect the display and the rear cameras, it has raised edges. It supports charging wirelessly. The raised buttons make volume adjustment easy and the Lightning port is easily accessible. The case is built from TPU, making it scratch-resistant and featuring integrated shock-absorbing technology. The backplate is a polycarbonate design that is extra hard.

Oterkin also offers a one-year guarantee. And Amazon’s rugged case is now available.


The iPhone 11 Pro Max’s Miracase silicone case is designed to keep things simple and relatively low-key. It supports wireless charging, provides the iPhone with a bit more thickness–but not much–and provides full back, bottom, and top body protection. Elevated edges help keep the display and cameras in unchanged condition.

The case of silicone has buttons and port cut-outs, as well as a 360-day warranty. There are five colors to choose from Black, Pink, Red, and Clove Purple, Navy Blue (pictured above). Prices will vary depending on your desired color.

The iPhone 11 Pro Max Miracase Liquid Silicone Case is now available for $16.


Nineasy iPhone 11 Pro Max Case-min

We have a multi-layered design with the Nineasy iPhone 11 Pro Max case that offers 360-degree protection for your smartphone for $12. It even has an integrated protector for the screen and supports wireless charging. The case itself features the standard must-have elements, such as TPU for added shock resistance, a slim design for easy and comfortable daily use, and edges raised.

Nineasy offers a warranty of one year. This case is in stock and ready to ship for the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

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