Best Charging Cables For Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil is widely used on the iPad by artists, PDF annotation, text editing, and many more tasks. It can handle multitasking easily and respond quickly. Overall, if you haven’t reached the date, it’s worth trying Apple Pencil! Managing lots of tasks can drain the battery of your Apple Pencil for longer hours or even a few days. You definitely need a charging adapter to charge this on the go, and that’s where we’ve covered it! We have listed some of the best charging adapters available on the web for Apple Pencil (1st Gen)!

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I love the way 3rd party manufacturers are proud to produce some of the finest Apple Pencil (1st Gen) compatible charging adapters! Taking these adapters into account, I reviewed all of them thoroughly and concluded with top 10 charging adapters. Let’s look at them immediately!

Best Apple Pencil Charging Cables


TechMatte Charging Adapter Cable for Apple Pencil

When it comes to charging adapters for Apple Pencil, TechMatte is the most trusted brand. With a 3-foot charging cable for charging your Apple Pencil together with a male connector for your USB A port and a female connector, this charging adapter would be my first choice in today’s list!


The flexible connection makes it possible to charge your Apple Pencil from any of the laptop’s USB A ports, power banks, or wall chargers. The only drawback is that this cable can not be used as an extender for lightning cables.

CoBak Charger Cable for Apple Pencil

cobak apple watch charger

Like Kinnara, this Apple Pencil CoBak charging adapter is made of threaded nylon body. This makes the cable, together with copper wires inside, solid and durable to generate less heat! It is a perfect example of how to manufacture a product that keeps the interest of users.


The CoBak extension cable is available in black, blue, white, pure white and black & white colors with a lifetime warranty.

TRIOFFER USB Charging Cable Adapter for Apple Pencil 

trioffer usb charger

Trioffer is Apple Pencil’s most affordable charging adapter I’ve found in this list. The adapter comes with a female adapter and a USB A port that can also be charged with power banks, laptops, and wall chargers. You don’t actually even need a separate adapter. Simply insert the Apple Pencil and connect it to the USB port in the female adapter.


The 3-foot male to female cable is more than sufficient to easily charge your Apple Pencil. It comes with an 18-month warranty and excellent after-sale customer service.

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