Beats Solo Pro Wireless Noise Cancelling On-Ear Headphones Hits New Low Of 2020

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If there’s ever been a time to disconnect from what’s going on and take some time for yourself, this is it. Headphones that suppress noise are sent in a variety of situations. Travel, jogging, sleeping, working, anything and everything above are the perfect complement to your life. Take $100 off today’s portable holy grail of headsets. Beats Solo Pros now offer three color options at this price.

Take light blue, dark blue, and red and begin on your way to true Active Noise Cancelling. Ignore all external noise to concentrate or even take a nap with calming tunes. I like the quick fuel function which allows you to play for up to three hours with only 10 minutes of charge.

At least 22 hours of smooth listening or 40 if you do not use ANC is expected with a regular, full charge. The option for transparency is perfect if you are helping to keep yourself more aware of things if you are in a large city with much to be aware of. The Apple H1 Class 1 and Bluetooth Headphone Chip make for a longer range of connections and less crisp outputs. You get one million cool points and you’re in the Rad celebrity club with your new Beats together with iOS and Android devices.

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