$40 Baseus Angle Height Adjustable iPhone & iPad Stand Drops To $13

Right now, you can get the Baseus Angle Height Adjustable Tablet & Phone Stand at $12.99 from Amazon. Today’s offer allows you to save $30.30 off the original price when you use the “70HYCI6U” coupon code at the checkout.

The desk tablet stand works with devices that have screens that range in size from 5.5″ to 21.5″, including the Nintendo Switch, iPad Pro 11.1/12.9, iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, Microsoft Surface Pro series, Kindle, Fire HD series, Android Tablet series, and more. Mobile phones or tablets can be positioned either vertically or horizontally.

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Adjustable from 10.62 to 13.77 inches in height. This tablet stand holder’s angle allows for a 45° up and down adjustment. Maintain a 10-degree incline to stop the tablet from dropping. You may get the most ergonomic eye-level height and viewing angles with this tablet stand. perfect for faceTime, playing games, typing, attending Zoom meetings, and watching videos.

Using soft, pleasant natural textiles helps prevent your tablet or phone from getting scratched. To maximize tensile strength and friction, the pole and base are composed of an aluminum alloy. A strong hinge can support up to 3.30 lbs of weight. Any mobile phone or tablet model’s weight won’t damage it.

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In order to avoid scratching the tablet and prevent slippage, non-slip silicone pads are used on the inner and lower corners of the bracket. By adding 500 grams to the base, the base is made sufficiently heavy to keep the bracket steady. and when there is an incoming call, the tablet stand remains firm. When you tap or swipe the screen, maintain your balance.

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