Backup Two Anker Premium Nylon USB-C to USB-A Fast Charging Cable For $7

The time to replace your charging cables can make a huge difference in the way your device charges. Premium Nylon USB-C to USB-A Fast Charging Cables from Anker have been designed to be compatible with Quick Charge-enabled chargers and tend to put in shame any loading cable that a new device can provide. Now that Amazon only sells a two-pack of these six-foot long cables for $6.99 when you type in promotional code AKMCM733 during checkout, there’s really no excuse for not upgrading today. The pair is sold regularly for up to $11; currently, only black cables are available.

Anker not only designed these cables with respect to speed but also durability. The nylon-braided quality construction allows these cables to last 5 times longer than standard alternatives. These are fully compatible with any device which has a USB-C port and you can obtain the fastest possible speed with a Quick Charge USB wall charger or a similar adapter with Quick Charge compatibilities.

Such cables also provide a lifetime guarantee, so if one of them does end up working properly it is easy to take Anker on its promise to fix it.

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