Need An Extra Juice For Your Tech? Grab Amazon’s Popular 26800mah Power Bank For $30

AYEWAY Power Bank

Amazon is currently offering AYEWAY Power Bank 26800mah for $30 with a direct discount. This is 15 percent off the original cost.

Portable heavy-duty charger, 26800mAh capacity is ideal for a business trip, camping, hiking, vacation, no need to worry about lost contact with anyone due to the low power of phones. It is also a good choice for the heated vest, heated jacket, heated clothing. The weight of this portable charger power bank is 14.4 ounces. It is a bit heavy only because the weight matches the true capacity, it is worth the weight of this portable charger power bank.

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There is 2 USB ports output that can be shared with friends or charge 2 devices at the same time.

Instead of a blinking light, the large front LCD display will be more convenient to understand the exact proportion of the remaining juice of the power battery. So you’ll know exactly when it should be recharged. You just need to click the power button on the side of the item or connect your devices, to turn on the LCD screen.

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The Lithium Polymer Cell is safer than any other battery cell, without memory, long-lasting, and robust. When chilling at home, no more facing the wall or being tied by the wall socket.

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