Prime Day 2021: elago AW3 Silicone AirPods Pro Case Falls To $11

elago AW3 Silicone AirPods Pro Case

Elago’s via Amazon is now offering discounts on its iPhone charging equipment, AirPod cases, and more starting at $10. For Prime members or on orders over $25 is available free of charge. The AW3 Retro AirPods Pro Case for $10.99 is our first selection. The current offer is the first significant discount in the year and usually only twice as low as $13. . Protect your AirPods or AirPods Pro, while also mixing with the AW3 case of elago with classical Apple vibrations for $9.99. This is a noticeable way to prevent your cargo case from scratching when put in your bag with a soft Silicone design modeled on the original Mac. The support for wireless charging and cable cutting will also be available on the bottom.

Prime Day 2021 Apple AirPods Deals!

Product Highlights:

 From a concept, all the way to a finished product, every aspect of creating a product is done in-house to ensure that you get a case that protects your AirPods from falls, scratches, and more.

The Nostalgic design allows you to reminisce about the RETRO and OLD SCHOOL apple monitor while having great drop protection.

Never have to worry about the case falling off, special ANTI-SLIP coating inside the cap keeps the top firmly in place. Push down the cap completely and adjust to make the case fits perfectly.

The AW3 supports both wired and wireless charging with the front LED Visible. Never sacrifice functionality for protection when you can have it all!

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