Aukey’s Dual Port USB Car Charger Drops To $10.49 For Two Pack

The ability to power your phone while driving is important and it’s increasingly affordable, too. Aukey has this 2-pack of USB car chargers available for only $10.49 when you are checking out with discount codes OIIY7T8O. Which means you’ll pay $5 per piece and save nearly 7 $off the average cost of the pair. The 2-pack also offers one of the best prices it has ever achieved.

The USB car charger uses dual USB charging ports that allow you to charge devices at an optimal speed, depending on the power in the unit that is plugged in to avoid overcharging at up to two devices at a time, with 5V 2.4A adjustable power per port. Moreover, other protections are in place to protect against overheating and excessive current.

Such USB car chargers are extremely compact and designed to flow alongside the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. It means that, unlike other carriers that are long and could be unstopped by being brushed up, you will accidentally not be able to bump it. Plug it in and you can’t worry about an inconvenience charger–only two USB ports to make sure your devices are powered everywhere you go.

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