AUKEY Wi-Fi Smart Plug On Sale For $26 For Four Pack

More than one is the cleverest way to save on smart plugs at a time. A smart plug can cost between $20 and $25 for a single unit, but usually, a nice discount can be obtained by taking two or four packs. For example, the 4-pack Aukey Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plugs currently amounts to $47.99 via Amazon, bringing the total amount of each plug to $12. You can even save up to $22 for this purchase by using the GK28ST2L promo code during the check-out and reduce your total to $26.39. This is one of the best prices for your set, for only $6.60 each, which snaps these smart plugs.

Then again, Aukey has a smart plug with double outlets, which today can also be saved. Although the price is often 25 dollars, it reduces to 11.99 dollars when you enter HEMXCVTU promotional codes at checkout. This could be a better option depending on how you plan to use your smart plugs.

These high-quality smart plugs can be powered by Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant voice assistants. You can activate and disable home apps and electronics anywhere in the world by downloading the free Aukey Home app. Set on your light when the sun goes down automatically, turn on and off at random intervals when you go on holiday, set your coffee timer off, or turn off the box fan to make you sleep again. You need no bridge, hub or dongle to do it work, or anything else. Just a wireless connection network.

Smart plugs from Aukey will increase your home IQ without putting an enormous amount of dent into your bank account. These are portable as an additional bonus, and nearby outlets can remain available. A 24-month guarantee is also included in your purchase.

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