AUKEY USB C 30000mAh Power Bank is Great For Apple Device , $20 Off Today

Every day we carry a bunch of tech with us, and all our devices need charging, so carrying a power bank is a great idea. If you’re going to be away from an outlet for a long time, taking a high-capacity battery with you makes even more sense so you don’t have to worry, and Aukey offers two such power banks for a limited time at a substantial discount.

The first is the USB-C Aukey 30000mAh Power Bank. It’s a fully-featured device that usually sells for $76.99, but currently has a $20 coupon on its product page taking the price down to a new low of $56.99, although that coupon might disappear at a time.

This battery has a huge capacity, as the name of the product suggests. It can charge an iPhone 8 over 11 times at 30000mAh, and even has enough juice over a few times to charge tablets and laptops. It has two USB-A outputs, one of which is 3.0-enabled Quick Charge, and a 30W Power Delivery USB-C output. That means it’s perfect to power larger devices such as the Nintendo Switch or your MacBook. That USB-C port is also used to recharge the power bank itself quickly, and there is a micro-USB input that can be used for an even faster refill at the same time.

Your purchase will include a USB-C cable, as well as a 24-month warranty.

If you’re not on USB-C yet, instead of that, you can choose Aukey’s Dual-USB 30000mAh Power Bank and even save money. It usually goes for $44.99, but a coupon of $8 on page drops its price to just $36.99. That’s its best price ever in a couple of dollars and the lowest we’ve seen in over a year.

With two USB-A ports with a combined 4.8A output, it has the same high capacity. It also has an LED flashlight, which makes camping trips a great option. It uses micro-USB and Lightning for its inputs so that you can also use the cables around which you lie to get it back to full.

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